While the “Gator Beat” name has been retired, their musical bond drives these talented musicians forward as the “Gator Nation“. Building on the amazing 25-year history of Gator Beat, and its founder Richie Domingue, they have created a community among themselves and their many fans.  Rockin’ Zydeco, Cajun and Blues guaranteed to keep the party going.


The West Coast’s premiere Cajun, Zydeco, and New Orleans R&B band, is a hand-clapping, foot-stomping, high energy concert and dance band. With the same survival instinct as its namesake, Gator Nation continues to adapt itself to its audiences, always with something fresh yet true to its calling. That calling is to represent the music of South Louisiana in all its forms, Cajun, Zydeco, and New Orleans style. They have the talent and diversity to do so, to express the nuances that define the genres. The result is a remarkable show with so much variety and depth that at the end of the show, the Gator Nation Band leaves you happy and hollerin’ “Gimme Some Mo”!








2022 Schedule

2:00 PM – Hazel Room
6:30 PM – Cedar Room
9:30 PM – Salmon Room

1:00 PM – Hazel Room
5:30 PM – Salmon Room
8:30 PM – Hazel Room

11:30 AM – Salmon Room