Our Mission Statement


The South Coast Clambake Music Festival aims to improve the economic, cultural and educational development of our community by promoting and preserving America’s original music.


The Board’s Goals are:

    • – To have a positive economic impact on our area
    • – To perpetuate America’s original music (Dixieland, Blues, Zydeco, Big Band, Swing, Bluegrass, Doo-Wop and ‘50s Rock)
    • – To introduce young people to live performance music and support our local youth music programs

Non Profit Status

    • The South Coast Clambake Music Festival (SCCMF) is a non-profit organization, organized under the provisions of the State of Oregon and Section 501(c) (3) of the Internal Revenue Code.

Music Festival Origins


In the mid ‘80’s several local musicians discussed the idea of holding a jazz festival in the Coos Bay-North Bend area. Frosty West, Bob Downer and Ron Carpani, members of a popular west coast festival band call The Coos Bay Clambake Jazz Band, started the ball rolling to get the community and interested persons involved. The purpose was preservation and perpetuation of Dixieland Jazz, our nation’s original music, by showcasing it to the public and introducing it to area youth. Additionally, a festival would add an economic stimulus to our communities at a time when timber and fishing had started to decline.  The second weekend in March was selected because, at that time, there were no events scheduled during the month that would attract visitors to our communities and there were no competing Jazz Festivals on the West Coast.
An endeavor of this magnitude relies on a substantial volunteer work force which was already in place in the form of the Bay Area Traditional Society for Jazz (B.A.T.S for Jazz) whose membership extended from Brookings to Florence. B.A.T.S members with various organizational expertise volunteered their services on the first Board of Directors.  Fund raising became a community effort that included The Sawdust Theatre, Little Theatre on the Bay, the local chapter of The Barbershop Harmony Society, It’s About Time Big Band and The Coos Bay Clambake.  Carol Turner, a local artist, musician and founding board member, designed our original logo. After two years of fund-raising, the first Southcoast Dixieland Clambake Jazz Festival was held in 1988.


Polish up those dancin’ shoes and get ready for the exciting musical extravaganza known as the South Coast Clambake Music Festival! (Formerly South Coast Clambake Jazz Festival)  This year you will see another lineup of great bands, energetic dancers and a flood of out of town guests in our community. The Clambake Music Festival Board is looking forward to yet another season of incredible music that ranges from traditional jazz to 50’s rock, including swing, doo-wop, blues, big band and Zydeco!  However, many first-timers are surprised to find that our Festival is NOT a celebration of mollusks!  “Clambake” is an old time musical term for a “jam session” and we are hoping you will choose to join us at our annual clambake.  Dancers and music enthusiasts from up and down the West Coast, plan to attend again this year, as the Clambake Music Festival has developed a reputation as a favorite.




Email: clambakemusic@gmail.com
Mail: P.O Box 374, North Bend, OR 97459