Youth Music Education Fund – Our Mission

The South Coast Clambake Music Festival’s mission is to provide and support youth music education in our community. We support this mission by sponsoring one of the Festival bands to come to town the week prior to our Festival weekend..  During this week, the band performs several concerts at the elementary schools and middle schools as part of our partnership with our local school districts’ Youth Music Education week. We also invite 4-6 of the youth bands in the area to perform at the festival and make monetary donations to each of the music programs involved. South Coast Clambake Music Festival is an avid supporter of the Oregon Coast Lab Band Organization, with band opportunities for students ages 10-21 ranging from beginning band to their premier performance band, Evolution, who performs as a regular festival band throughout our festival weekend.


Most elementary school music programs in our area have been cut entirely or reduced to the point of only serving those at the secondary level, leaving the elementary and middle school students with minimal to no exposure to live performing arts. The South Coast Clambake Music Festival is strongly committed to continuing to support bringing music opportunities to the youth in our communities.  Our area is a rural area that includes many low and moderate income families and senior citizen who are under-served in the areas of arts and culture.  To this end, we include a free community concert on Wednesday, inviting all students to join us with their families and friends for a night of great music.  We invite a local high school band to open for our Music in the Schools band, joining together for a wonderful blend of local youth talent and professional musicians committed to continuing youth music education.


Our experience with the existing Music in the Schools program has shown to effectively inspire teachers to incorporate music, music history and music performances into their lesson plans.  Through coordination of music in the curriculum and our Music in the Schools program performances, parents, teachers and children have been inspired by this collaborative effort. The swing dance clubs at middle school and high school have seen an increase in participation and students and teachers alike have written hundreds of thank you notes to express their excitement and gratitude for the Music in the Schools Program, many citing this assembly as the all time favorite of the year!